minimum spanning tree – Find MST on grid graph with only weight of 1 and 2 in $O(|V|+|E|)$

Let $G_1$ be subgraph of $G$ induced by the edges of weight $1$.
Let $C_1, dots, C_k$ be the connected components of $G_1$.
For each $C_i$, compute any a spanning tree $T_i = (V_i, E_i)$ of $C_i$.
This requires $O(m)=O(n)$ time in total.

For each edge $e=(u,v)$ of weight $2$ in $G$ let $i$ and $j$ be such that $u in C_i$ and $v in C_j$. Let $k(e) = (min{i,j}, max{i,j})$.
Sort the edges of $G$ in nondecresing order of $k(cdot)$, keep at most one edge for each value of $k(cdot)$. Let $S$ the resulting ordered set of edges.
Notice that $S$ can be found in time $O(m)=O(n)$ using radix-sort.

Create a graph $G_2$ with vertex set ${1, dots, k}$ and edge set ${ k(e) : e in S }$. For an edge $(i,j)$ in $G_2$ let $ell(i,j)$ be and edge $e$ in $G$ such that $k(e) = (i,j)$.
This label $ell(i,j)$ can be stored along with the edge $(i,j)$ itself, so that given $(i,j)$ we can find $ell(i,j)$ in $O(1)$ time.
This step also requires $O(n)$ time.

Finally, compute any spanning tree $T’ = (V’, E’)$ of $G_2$.
An MST of $G$ is the tree induced by the edges in $left( bigcup_{i=1}^k E_i right) cup { ell(i,j) mid (i,j) in E’}$.

Overall, the whole algorithm takes $O(n)$ time.