mining pools – How to convert M-address to L-address (Litecoin)

I decided to mine a litecoin block. I have installed a pool (miningcore) on my computer. In the pool settings, I specified the address MLLJufbZimcHZ4p7JsLnaHGpsEkitEP1Lx.
I rented power on Nicehash and found block 1920755.
But the block received the address LXf6wSzzJQgXvCXwG2g9c2jFcEEqSZhudF.

I don’t know how it was transformed, but there is no such address in my wallet. All block explorers, except for, show balance 0. shows the same balance for both addresses for MLLJufbZimcHZ4p7JsLnaHGpsEkitEP1Lx.

How can I access the address LXf6wSzzJQgXvCXwG2g9c2jFcEEqSZhudF? I only have the private key for MLLJufbZimcHZ4p7JsLnaHGpsEkitEP1Lx.

There must be a way to convert…

Sorry for my bad english.