mining theory – How Do I unlock a Bitcoin Blockchain with my Proof Of Work?

Can anyone help with some good explanations on next steps for Bitcoin mining.

Hypothetically let’s say I create an algorithm that successfully guesses the code to unlock a Bitcoin blockchain

gives me a result such as: 000000000000000000008d0cff17edbe038f81208fecf9a66be9a2b8321c6ec7

I believe the results of this computational effort is called ‘Proof Of Work’

Where do I paste this ‘Proof Of Work’ on the internet to claim the Bitcoin?

Also can you refer me to any helpful API where I can check my ‘Proof Of Work’ against already claimed ‘Proof Of Work’

A basic video on how I might create such an algorithm can be found here unfortunately it doesn’t mention next step.

I am sorry if this seems like a really basic question, after much googling I am still confused.

I would like to try and make edits to such an algorithm and see if I can unlock a blockchain and claim bitcoin reward. I am not asking how to write an algorithm to unlock bitcoin, I would like an explanation of what I do with the result of the algorithm i.e. how do you cash in that lottery ticket?

Any advice appreciated.