Missing InfoPath Form – SharePoint Stack Exchange

I am really hoping for some help here as I seemed to have created a big issue with our help desk sharepoint site. Prior to me making changes to a list, which was connected to a infopath form (i simply added a checkbox and deleted the current infopath form and tried to re-add to reflect this new checkbox) and now, the infopath form is missing altogether. I need to readd this infopath form as it once was before. We have a helpdesk and when we used to click edit ticket, it would bring us to an infopath form. Now, if i go to structure and logs in list settings, i can see the form. I just dont know how to link it back to the tickets. The behavior i am after, is after you click “edit” on the ticket, it should bring you to an infopath form. Again, i can see this form in content and structure logs, but dont know how to link it back to the edit option. I DO NOT HAVE DESIGNER and am not allowed to download it! Any help is greatly appreciated!