mnemonic seed – Found old ?BIP39 phrase – how to restore wallet

I recently managed to recover what I believe to be a seed phrase for an old bitcoin wallet. I am, however, unsure what my next steps should be. Years ago, I used (if I can remember correctly) bitcoin core and armoury to manage my small crypto wallet.

How do I restore my wallet with just the 18 word phrase?

I may be able to find the public address of the wallet in my files somewhere – will this be of any help?

In a similar file to my 18 word phrase, I found a similar (18 word, 5 line) set of 4 character words (jibberish) but that was created at exactly the same time – could this be of any help?

Sorry I am totally stuck here now.

I’ve tried installing bitcoin core, armoury and electrum, but I do not understand and cannot work my way through the options to try and restore my wallet.

Any help you can provide would be great

Many thanks