mobile application – Best practice for multiple select categories

Anything that is deeply nested or complex is always a challenge to display on mobile, so there is usually going to be a trade-off between what you can fit in the screen and what is easy to view at any given time.

If it is purely for the purpose of filtering, one strategy is to divide the single tree structure into separate filters, one of each category (assuming you won’t be adding to the top level categories) and then you’ll have a easier way to organise the items below and display their status (using counter to show how many selected in each category).

It is now standard or common practice to use tags that can be cleared or deleted when there is a complex selection process involved, so even though it looks crowded on the screen the fact is that it can be more practical when it comes to being able to easily see at-a-glance what all the filtering options are and removing them (but not to add).