mobile application – Determining Information Priority using digital Survey

I would like to understand users information priority when it comes to planing trips, browsing and booking events/activities using mobile applications in general.

I’m currently limited to researching by conducting a (single page) digital survey (instead of in person interviews which I’d prefer).

Any tip on how to approach this or links to similar research are welcome. What’s your opinion about this type of questions:

“You are performing a task of planning your trip 2 weeks ahead/ looking for events to attend in your free time tomorrow.”

List of all Offers
List of all Vendors
Offer Categories (Music & Culture, Sport& Outdoor Activities, Shopping, Mobility)

Ticket Price
Date & Time
Event Description
Vendor Contact
How many people have booked so far (how many still can)
Corona related information

“You have chosen an Event you want to book. Rank how important finding this information is to you:”
Payment options
Whether I have to sign up to pay
Can I return a ticket
Can I pay in cash on the spot
Can I save event to mobile phone calendar
Can I share on social media that I’ll be attending