Mobile Application Development New Trends for 2016-2018 | Proxies-free

(Simicart) – The whole year 2015 has almost ended and the year can come very soon. This season has seen tremendous progress in the mobile and handheld industry, which has also led to a boom in the application development industry.



Mobile customers are increasingly relying on their applications to complete the tasks on their behalf. From booking cinema tickets to ordering food, shopping, banking and payment, you can go mobile. The situation is expected to develop much faster in the coming years. Experts expect that MCommerce sales in the Americas alone will mix a quarter of total retail sales in 2018.

Mobile has touched every aspect of our existence, including and most importantly the corporate sector. This trend has given applications and application development an extra boost.
Here are some predictions about the development of mobile applications for the upcoming season:

Safety is most important

This season, immense attacks from hack attacks and user safety have been jeopardized. The Apple Application Store, which is considered to be the most secure application, had a major attack a few weeks ago. In addition, Home Windows 10 customers have increased privacy and security concerns.

This security issue may be more important than in the past, and application developers must do their best to ensure application security. Bing is already focusing on strengthening its next version for mobile operating system, Android 6. Marshmallow. As customers store sensitive and personal information on their own mobile phone, designers must focus on closing any potential security holes.

Business applications continue to grow

Demand for enterprise apps has picked up sharply this year. This trend is expected to continue in 2016. The main operating systems, Android and iOS, are now targeted at businesses.

Creating apps for business has also proved beneficial to developers. This is far more profitable for them than creating consumer apps. Industry experts say that by the end of 2016, nearly 35 percent of the largest companies will be using their own mobile app development platforms.

Apps use cloud technology

Cloud computing has taken root in every imaginable field – including application development. This trend is likely to continue and evolve in the future. The cloud has proven to be extremely beneficial to designers. With Fraxel treatments, they can keep their actual application size small and implement large parts of their applications towards the cloud. It also helps them create applications that are suitable for multiple mobile products.

The cloud also works for customers, as they may be able to easily synchronize their applications across a wide range of products and operating systems.

IoT involves the front

With the range of wearables and other Wise products coming onto the market this season, Web of Products (IoT) is at the forefront. It is anticipated that this trend will take application development one step further, resulting in a wealth of interesting and new applications that change the very approach we follow when looking at Mobile.

Google has made a big noise about the portable glass. That did not go into the arena, though. Nonetheless, products like the Apple Watch and the entire Universe Gear product line prove that wearables are the way forward. Accordingly, several companies along with other institutions, including financial and academic institutions, are planning to tackle the increasing movement of BYOD and WYOD.