mobile application – How do I create a good user experience when showing multiple QR codes, but making sure people don’t accidental scan the wrong one?

For our customers we have created a poster with their most ordered products. This also shows QR and barcodes (for each product) they can scan with their phone (and our app) to re-order the product with ease. But as you can imagine the following user-flow happens:

  1. User opens app on phone (scan function is the start-screen).
  2. User holds phone towards poster and scans with eyes for the correct product
  3. Phone has already detected a QR code on the poster and opens links, or asks to open link.
  4. User is annoyed because he can’t scan the correct product right away because the phone keeps detecting other QR codes.

Does anyone have experience with this scenario? And how did they solve it?
Sadly I can’t change the layout of the poster since a other department has already printed it…

One of the solutions I had in mind was letting the phone ‘scan’ every QR code it can get a lock on, but only giving feedback that it had found a valid QR code. Not opening it or using it.
If the phone is directed at the correct product the user would still have to tap to scan again and then open the product. It sounds like a lot of clicks…