mobile – Combining 6 apps into one

I’ve actually been involved in something similar, and with more than six in one. In the end we went with the approach of having the main home screen of the app display an icon and label for each of the apps. This main screen also provided navigation to the overall help page and overall settings page. Below is a rough mockup of how it was designed:

enter image description here

I say “overall settings” because the settings icon at top right was for things like using iCloud, Backing up to Dropbox, Passcode Lock, Theme Colour, App Screen Layout, etc. In other words, settings that were for the entire app as a whole.

The “overall help” was just about the main app screen and what some of the overall settings meant.

Once the user tapped on each of the app options, the resulting screen also had an option for them to navigate back to the main “Apps” screen. And, depending on the app, they may have also had a dedicated ‘help’ or ‘settings’ screen.

Of course, in your case it may not need to be this advanced, but the point of sharing my example is because this works. User feedback has been extremely positive and this design is something that has evolved over time based on user feedback.