mobile – How do I share source code with prospective employers?

Hello, I'm a student from Canada who is interested in mobile development. I recently completed the development of one of my apps and publish it on the Google Play Store. I intend to add advertising in the hope that you can use it to make money to pay for the university.

I also want to share the source code with potential employers without making it open source and public, because I want to earn money for my work.

My question is how best to handle it.

  • Is there a specific license that I should add to the source code sent to my employer? I've looked at the Microsoft Reference Source License (MS-RSL) and I think this might work for my purposes, but I'm not sure.
  • How should I actually access the code? I know that something like a public GitHub repository is not appropriate because it's accessible to everyone. At the same time, a private repository would not be appropriate because people I want to share the source code with must be added as contributors to mine.