mobile – IP address input in RTL language – force LTR?

I am implementing an IP address input field and I am wondering how it should work in right-to-left languages.

An IP address (IPv4 to be specific) is four integer numbers split with the dot character, e.g.
It is my understanding, that it is expressed and read left-to-right even in right-to-left languages, similar to a phone number.

I am implementing an input field where the user can only enter IP addresses. The only allowed characters are digits and a dot: “0123456789.”, the platform is Android and I can set the on-screen-keyboard to be numeric.

My question is: which is more natural to a person using a right-to-left language: use the default RTL mode for the input field or force LTR?

1. Leave the input in RTL mode 2. Force LTR mode