modal dialogs – Popups & colorbox issues in Chrome

Hoping for some guidance here. Sometime in the past few weeks, my inline modal popups stopped working in Chrome. I had Colorbox set up at the time, both hand coded inline links and views colorbox triggers. With views, the links now force a page refresh to the home page with the colorbox query appended:

  • i.e. ?width=500&height=500&inline=true#content

With hard links, the page refreshed on the existing page, with the same query string added.

After some investigation, I discovered that ONE page on the site still works, but it’s part of a series of panel variants on a page. I’ve been through the variants with a fine toothed comb, but they’re configured identically, so there’s no clear reason why this one page should work when the others don’t. I’ve also tested Chrome on two other (both older) laptops, with the same results.

I installed the Popup module to see if I could by-pass the issue, but the results are exactly the same. The popups work on the one rogue page but not on any of the others. So the problem isn’t colorbox, but something else. Again, this is ONLY in Chrome. Firefox and IE both work fine.

I’ve tried creating solo links on basic pages, I’ve systematically turned off all the other components on all of the test pages … nothing. I tried removing all of my custom jquery and disabled my custom modules. No dice.

Can anyone suggest another approach, or other possible conflict areas I can test?