modern experience – What is the best browser to use with SharePoint Online/O365?


My organisation is moving towards O365 and SharePoint Online is being developed in the background. Our live system is SP 2013 and Internet Explorer has been the most compatible browser (e.g. Open with Explorer). When using Chrome with SP 2013, there were always some limitations and sometimes page contents sometimes rendered a little differently – we have custom pages created with html/css and sometimes JavaScript.

SP Online / O365

MS recommended Edge for use with SharePoint Online. So, in the real world, what is the best browser to use with SPO? Are there still limitations or little bugs when using Chrome or Firefox?

I’ve read some different opinions on this, but I trust SPSE as a source. I appreciate this might be a question that invites opinion-based answers, but I’m interested to hear about limitations in using one browser over another and e.g. whether there are any rendering issues. It might be that SPO differs substantially from SP 2013 On Premise, so that the the bugs with the latter no longer apply.


Only rather patchy links here… (IE dead, no surprise there)

Is there an official web browser for on-premises SharePoint 2013 (this relates to SP 2013 – but I’d like some info similar to the answers to this question)