mongodb – Nested push in Mongoose

I have a user schema like that:

name: String,
nick: String,
email: String,
password: String,

bio: String,
color: String,
followers: (String),
followings: (String),

posts: ({
    author: {
        name: String,
        nick: String
    content: String,
    date: Date,
    simpleDate: String,
    color: String,
    likes: (String)

I want to when user push the like button my backend take the id of post and add user’s nick to array that named “likes”. So I want to find the object that has post that has this id and add a new string to likes array of it.

User.findOneAndUpdate({'posts._id': req.params.postId},{$push:{posts:{likes:{likes:req.header.authenticatedUser.nick}}}},
    (err,result) => {...});

I tried something like that but it’s not working and looks like very wrong.

How can I find and push to nested object like that?