monitoring – HTTP Health Check for Beanstalk elastic app triggers scaling / capacity rules

I have an Elastic Beanstalk application running a WordPress application, and I want some monitoring and scaling triggers in case the homepage health checker returns an HTTP response code in the range of 4xx and 5xx, I know the watchdog tab and the capacity tab from the configuration section in Elastic Beanstalk. I see there scaling rules and a health check box. Here's the environmental behavior I'm looking for:

Scaling triggers
- Health check - what is that [home page][1]    (/index.php) - Returns a response status code between 4xx and 5xx
- Start a new instance behind the Elastic Load Balancer, which handles web traffic
- In the meantime, divert all traffic to the maintenance side
- If within 3 minutes no instance within 4xx and 5xx returns from the homepage a response to the status check
- either shrink to two instances or rotate the two "healthy" instances behind the ELB.

Do I have to use the tabs (Monitoring and Capacity) that I mentioned above? Can anyone tell me that the above environment triggers are set up in AWS Elastic Beanstalk?