More natural camera movement – Game Development Stack Exchange

I have a camera that currently smoothly (ease in and out) linearly interpolates between two positions. The camera also moves in response to user input.

While this movement is nice and smooth it does not feel natural. My goal is to add some sort of feeling of inertia or natural movement or hand-heldedness to it.

Therefore I have been trying to generate a formula that simulates more natural camera movement on top of the interpolation and user control. Thus far I have not had success.

In one try I pretended that the camera had a stick going out of it and that at the end a ball was attached to a spring attached so said stick. This ball was then focused on adding some direction animation to the system… however I could never get this right. The camera would be shaky/oscillating and user movements looked really awful.

I also tried having the direction point towards a slower animated pole.

No such luck.

Why do these methods of generating a more natural 3D camera movements not work? What is usually used to make this work.