mount – 18.04 LTS – Access to CD drive not possible: "Special device / dev / sr0 does not exist"

First time here – but I've spent almost a week here, there, and everywhere looking for an answer to this problem.
I need help for my system to recognize my CD burner.

  • I installed 18.04 LTS on a HP microserver from USB about 4 weeks ago. Looking at / var / log this was the only time my CD / DVD writer was seen.
  • The BIOS shows it (very briefly) as ATAPI CD_ROM … I think it is connected as a primary slave.
  • The drive works – I can start the computer with the CD-ROM drive and a very old Ubuntu CD that I had in a closet.
  • There are no sr (0,1,2) devices or HD devices (a, b, c etc.) under / dev /.

I've tried any number of mount options – but the fact is that no CD device can ever be found. At the end, the message "Special device (e.g. / dev / sr0) does not exist" is always displayed.

I started to think that I had to modify the kernel – but that goes a little bit beyond my usual level of handicraft!

Can I use a USB installer to fix this without overwriting my existing apps (web servers, KVMs …)?

The reason why this is a problem right now is that I just didn't know the drive was unavailable until I tried ripping a CD earlier in the week.