mount – Migrate Ubuntu VM with 2 HD

I had an ubuntu VM with 2 disks, and now we are installing it in another Vcenter, of one client.

I am getting problems adding the second disk… when I do lsblk the drive appears there as the sda. When I try to mount it (mount -a), it says mount: /data01: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/2c495... does not exist.

In the original VM that uuid is correct and is the one that appears, is it possible it has changed once I am changing it from infrastruture?

In the mean time I am trying to get its uuid but doing sudo blkid /dev/sda it doesn’t give any feedback.
Do I have to format it again to ext4 using the sudo mkfs.ext4 command so that I can mount it? I do not want to do it once the disk has a lot of data as in the original machine. How can I attach the disk without formatting it?

Thanks for any feedback!