mount – SD Card Reader Not working – Ubuntu 20.04

I have Ubuntu 20.04, freshly installed. It is not able to access any SD Cards if used with the SD Card Adapter. I tried multiple adapters, and tested the same with other computers as well. The SD Card or the adapter is working perfectly on other systems, but on mine it doesn’t recognise it.

I can access the SD Card if I use a USB adapter for it.

It is definetly not a hardware problem as I am able to access it if I open on the Windows partition on my computer.

This is the screenshot of the list of available disks, with the SD Card plugged in with the SD Card Adapter:

enter image description here

It’s a simple storage device, which opens easily if I open it on my windows partition, but on Ubuntu.

Some forums suggested I reinstall udisks2, which I did, but it hasn’t solved the issue.

sudo apt-get install --reinstall udisks2

How do I fix this ?