ms access – How to add a new record (row) in a cart table when opening a form using purely macro editor?

I need to enter a new order record (row, like when using an “insert into”) in a purchase order table that only contain an order Id and a date field for now.

The idea is to create the record, and then add items or products to a 3rd table that will contain that order id, the product id etc.

I managed to show all product names using a query that uses a Left Join to show products that has no order id in the 3rd table.

I wanted to use purely macros for now, I know SQL though I lost practice with it over a few years of not using it.

I know I can to an insert into and create a macro using the macro editor and use the executeSQL command and run an inser into query.

I was wondering if there is another command for inserting a new record.

I am trying to aknowledge all possibilities not using VBA so that when I start with VBA I have a more solid general understanding of Access and since I already used Excel VBA I think I know VBA pretty well.

So, is there any way of doing this using only the macro editor and no direct SQL sentences?