ms office – Is there a way to copy the HTML out of an Outlook email?

The scenario is that I often get outlook emails sent to me with content that I need to paste into an HTML formatted newsletter.

A lot of this formatting is minor…namely bolded text and hyperlinks.

I’d like to be able to select the paragraph in outlook, copy, then paste into my HTML editor with the HTML.

So if outlooks has this:

This is bold and this is a link.

I’d like to paste it like this:

<b>This is bold</b> and <a href="">this is a link</a>

Alas, it doesn’t do that, it just pastes the raw text like this:

This is bold and this is a link

So for every section I have to constantly go into my text editor and re-apply tags as needed. Not a huge deal…except when you multiple this x20 or so and then it just gets tedious.

Is there any way to copy the content from outlook and retain the HTML formatting as actual HTML?