multi select – PrimeNG – Multiselect won’t show label and tick

I have MultiSelect

<p-multiSelect id="test_product_function" (options)="productFunction" ((ngModel))="selectedProductFunction" (filter)="true" (showToggleAll)="false" (maxSelectedLabels)="1" appendTo="body"></p-multiSelect>

One of the productFunction items is

{label: 'DBO - Batch reorganization (Unload/Reload)', value: 'DBO - Batch reorganization (Unload/Reload)'}

Then I pull data from database and want to set the selected values in MultiSelect

this.selectedProductFunction = data.func;

where data.func property is

"func": ("CMPIMS - Batch utilities","DBO - Batch Reorganization (Unload/Reload)"),

MultiSelect‘s label is empty and corresponding item is not checked, if I check manually some, label changes to “2 items selected“.
I have tried to eliminate all space, special characters and put it all to lowercase but it didn’t help. I’ve also tried just with the second value in data. It works for some other values, but not for all, what am I missing? 🙁