multibit hd – What’s next after obtaining a wallet password?

I was able to create a Multibit HD hash in the form of $multibit$232characters32characters*32characters… If Hashcat has uncovered a password for a mbhd.wallet.aes file, what’s next? One thing I’m confused about is why did Multibit HD create a wallet file with the .aes ending when it’s not even a AESCrypt file or maybe that’s just to throw people off??

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter as long as I have the wallet password, I guess. So, what are the next steps to take to see if the wallet has private keys or not? It is only 27 Kb so I’m assuming it’s a dump of the private keys, if any or it could be corrupted. I don’t know the process moving forward. I think I read that Multibit HD wallets are not safe and should be converted to something else, like Electrum or something… is that true? In addition, I do not have the 12 seed/secret words so Multibit HD doesn’t allow you to enter a remembered password… it wants the seed words to recover the wallet. What do you recommend and what’s the correct process? Should I try to get the seed words somehow or should I try to import the keys into Electrum or something else?

Also, how does one go about getting public keys or addresses or both from private keys? Google searches are not helping so much as the Multibit HD wallet information is old and I’m not sure it’s reliable. Any help and/or direction would be greatly appreciated.