Multiplayer Online World

  1. Can someone build a very special game for me? I have a huge list of requirements for this game. This game is called EGO LV1. This requires multi-platform usability. The game requires an interface app for Windows, Android and iOS. You download the app, fill out all the requirements, ie your real name, your phone number, your e-mail address, your password and your username and link your Paypal account. This game is free and uses add-ons for support and gems are paid. For watching adds, gems can be converted for Paypal cash. 1000 gems equals $ 1.00. Players collect tokens for the support of their avatar, also known as ego. When you get into the game, your avatar will be naked, homeless and thin, you will be in the real world, this is called your birth. You are inline or at the doors of a homeless shelter. Here's where you can make some adjustments to the look of your ego, but only if you get something to eat and basic clothing. Everyone here is friendly and needs each other to be successful. To be successful, you need a job. There will be several job offers. Some will be taxi drivers, other carpenters and bankers, and so on, and when the city reaches a certain limit, a new city will emerge to prepare for new players. Now we can talk about the donor status. You become a donor if you make a donation of $ 5.00 with PayPal. Other players know when you have the donation status because your D icon is lit. The donor status will be valid for 30 days. As a donor, your D icon lights up and you get 5000 tokens that your ego uses for spending. This, too, opens the dream world. The dream world is like magic because it unlocks your alter ego. Your alter ego is your dream avatar. And as if by magic, your Dream Avatar can make real money. As in the real world, if you get a job in the dream world or spend a lot of money to build and finance your own business, all jobs here are paid in gems, gems can be traded for PayPal, and PayPal can be for gems Tokens can only be used in-game and are non-refundable. In the dream world, you have the opportunity to advertise and sell real-world articles in your shop or store. This can serve as a place where you can find an audience for your goods. You have the opportunity to buy and sell tons of virtual goods. All virtual goods have a high value for the player, and all virtual goods are made by players, some are consumables and all other virtual goods have a decay value. Once the item is used up, it is ready for the virtual recycle bin. You receive notifications from the real world when an item is completed or when someone requests a trade. This is a game of the Sadbox and will be assigned dynamically as the game grows and the economy and population grow. Yes, there are many details that are not listed here, but this game could be a tempting platform for some well-functioning people who want to broaden their horizons and feed on the lower residents, giving the lower residents the opportunity to spend their monthly lives Income may double. For those who are ready to go the slow and steady path, they will make money for free, and those who are ready to spend will earn much more. The donors will be the bosses and entrepreneurs. The bosses can not get what they need without the workers. Remember that workers are consumers. People who make money are more likely to spend money. Who knows you might wake up to find out if the 30,000 people spend 1000 gems each, and you can pay out 30,000 in PayPal.