mysql – Correct composite indexing indexing order

I have MySQL (MariaDB) database. I have a table ‘sensors’ ,which collects data from IoT devices.

Each device may have 4-6 parameters that it records, like temperature, humidity, air quality, etc. Each device sends a measurement once every minute.

There are 10-15 such devices. Each device has its deviceid.

Six columns:

`pname`(varchar)         /* name of parameter like temperature,humidty */
`pcode`(INT)             /* code for each parameter like for temperature its 11,humidty its 12 etc */
`datavalue`(double)      /* value of parameter */
`rectime`(INT)           /* UNIX timestamp */

Here is sample of table data:

autoid deviceid pname pcode datavalue rectime
1 sdbjs4b temp 11 30.54 1621702300
2 sdbjs4b hum 12 104 1621702300
3 sdbjs4b gas 13 768 1621702300
4 vsf5bjs temp 11 31.45 1621702300
5 vsf5bjs volt 15 5.10 1621702300

There are almost 4-5 million rows in the sensors table.

My query requirements: I have to get data for some arbitrary time values for each day for each device and parameter.

Here is query that is used:

SELECT * from sensors where deviceid =? AND  pcode = ? AND rectime =?

This is guaranteed to give me only one result. The problem is I need to run this query inside nested loops, worst case 500 times. Why I need looping?. I need to create a report between two dates for each device, parameter, and for a given set of time slots between two dates. I have to loop for values of time slots.

I have a composite index on (deviceid,rectime,pcode).

What is the difference if I change this index to (rectime,deviceid,pcode)?

In general, will column order matter in composite indexing if my query uses all indexed columns in the where clause?