mysql – Database modeling software

Before developing a new application, I like to model the database with some software tool, which allows me to think the whole database before I start creating it de facto.

While I was in university, I was using Vertabelo, which has a free plan for students and suited my needs. Now, as I’m not a student anymore, I’ve been using SqlDBM, but the problem is that it allows only one active project at the same time and the paid plan is expensive (at least for me here in Brazil).

So I ask, could anyone suggest to me a database modeling software that:

  • It’s free (or very cheap)
  • Compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL (at least)
  • Simple to use (drag-and-drop, autocomplete column types, etc.)
  • Doesn’t need to generate code (I just want to design the database)
  • Export the design as PNG, JPG, PDF or anything like that
  • Web-based (or at least supports Linux)