mysql – how do I filter my data from one column based on another?

I need to filter the sum(f.film_id) as films made to be based on the actor who made them or the actor_id. however I’m having a hard time figuring out the syntax for said query.

select concat(a.first_name, ' ', a.last_name) as full_name, f.release_year, sum(f.film_id) as films_made
    from actor a
        join film_actor fa
        on a.actor_id = fa.actor_id
        join film f 
        on fa.film_id = f.film_id
        group by concat(a.first_name, ' ', a.last_name)
        order by first_name;

this is my query so far I need it to look like this

this is the desired outcome

this is what I am getting