MySQL Injection Through Get Request via Coolie Parameter

Somebody closed this question as not having enough info. There is enough information here.

It is MySQL
It is a cookie parameter injection
I am using a proxy
I am getting the error I want
I am using ‘ select @@version;# in the appropriate cookie parameter to produce the error that I
It is a Get request

All the other details are below

I have a MySQL lab challenge where I send id=1‘ and select @@version;# then manage to trigger an error. But the part of the error response that has my version info looks like it comes back in binary (or Unicode?).
I have to send the GET in base64 then URI encode as it’s sent from a cookie parameter.
How do I make sure the response is in ASCII? Is that kind of response actually in Unicode, and browser/burp garbling the response to make it look like binary?