mysql – Issues with store procedure and system

I take this opportunity to send you a greeting and I comment you, Im working in a store procedure using system inside of MySQL but in workbench, it appears me, missing ;, extraneous input. These are my variables with which; im playing:

/*Modify the delimiter by default*/
/*Dropping the store procedure if it exists on the database*/
DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS proc_statistics_mysql$$
/*Creating the store procedure*/
CREATE PROCEDURE proc_statistics_mysql()
/*Defining the security clause to check the privilege users*/
/*The store procedure contains only SQL language*/
/*Begining my store procedure*/
/*Declaring my variables with which im gonna work*/
    DECLARE var_os_version VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
    DECLARE var_ip_addr INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_hostname VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
    DECLARE var_cpuinfo VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
    DECLARE var_memtotal INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_memfree INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_memavailable INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_totaldisk INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_freedisk INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_usedisk INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_mysql_version VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
    DECLARE var_mysql_dbs VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
/*Assign the values to the variables*/
    SET var_os_version=(system cat /etc/os-release | grep -i 'Pretty_Name' | cut -d '"' -f2);
    SET var_ip_addr=(system hostname -I | awk '{print $1}');
    SET var_hostname=(system hostname);
    SELECT var_os_version,var_ip_addr,var_hostname;
/*Finishing my store procedure*/
/*Modifying the delimiter to the default*/

I want to collect some data of operative system and store inside a database using a store procedure to get the data