mysql – ProxySql QueryCache – invalidation on Insert statement

Is there a way to invalidate ProxySql query cache after insert statements?

How to reproduce:

create mysql query rule like this:

    *************************** 1. row ***************************
              rule_id: 20
               active: 1
             username: username_1
           schemaname: NULL
               flagIN: 0
          client_addr: NULL
           proxy_addr: NULL
           proxy_port: NULL
               digest: 0xF523C21ECC3CF547
         match_digest: NULL
        match_pattern: NULL
 negate_match_pattern: 0
         re_modifiers: CASELESS
              flagOUT: NULL
      replace_pattern: NULL
destination_hostgroup: 1
            cache_ttl: 60000
   cache_empty_result: NULL
        cache_timeout: NULL
            reconnect: NULL
              timeout: NULL
              retries: NULL
                delay: NULL
    next_query_flagIN: NULL
       mirror_flagOUT: NULL
     mirror_hostgroup: NULL
            error_msg: NULL
               OK_msg: NULL
          sticky_conn: NULL
            multiplex: NULL
  gtid_from_hostgroup: NULL
                  log: NULL
                apply: 1
              comment: NULL

Digest is from “select * from sbtest1 order by id desc limit ?”

I connected to proxysql from terminal and run those queries:

select * from sbtest1 order by id desc limit 3 ;
insert into sbtest1(k, c, pad) values (1, "a", "g");
select * from sbtest1 order by id desc limit 3 ;

After insert, the last select returns cached data, query cache was not invalidated on insert