mysql – What is the proper way to handle multithreading insert

I’m a newbie on Database and for now I need to work with MySQL to build a web server.

In a word, I have a web framework, developed with Python. It will read/write data from/into MySQL.

For now I don’t know how to handle the case of multithreading insert.

Let’s say there are many users, who are writing their data into one table. I will use a thread pool to process these requests, meaning that there would be multiple inserts at the same time.

My question is:

If I have set concurrent_insert=2, will multiple-inserts still cause the locking of table so that I would get a very bad performance (all of inserts have to be handled one by one)? Or MySQL itself can handle the multiple-inserts properly so I can get a not-bad performance?

For the multiple-inserts, is there any difference between “sharing one connection object” and “each insert has its own connection object”?