mysql – What should be the RDMBS schema for storing different social network details of a user?

I am new to databases, I am using MYSQL for some application, and I want to store information about a few social platform accounts of the user – youtube, twitter, fb etc. with three same attributes corresponding to each account – handle, url, prop3 and probably some field for platform. For users I have a users table with PK user_id and several other user details. How should I go about storing the above information? I don’t want to add a lot of columns to the same users table, like youtube_handle, youtube_url, youtube_prop3 etc, and that’s not extensible if I add another platform in future. Should I store this in another table? What could be the structure of that, PK, FK (probably user_id), columns etc, so that there’s minimized redundancy and I am identify the platform and user as well. Is there any better way to query all of user’s social media accounts directly by user given I know already it’s a one-to-many relationship from user to a fixed number of social accounts, instead of select * from table2 where user=<some_user_id>? Does normalization or de-normalization come into the picture with this data model?