Navigating Seller Central

I have a couple of very simple questions about Amazon Seller Central. I have been away from my efforts of setting things up so I can sell on Amazon. I got a full time job, but I won’t digress or bore you. Anyway, I am back and I am refamiliarizing myself with getting navigating around sellers central.

I think there should be an easy way to just pull up my store front without having to search for it online. Is there a way to click on something, let’s say, from my inventory page that will bring up my store front page?

I am just about ready to ship my products to an FBA center. My next question is this. What do I click on to create a shipping plan and print out labels to drop off my boxes to UPS? And how do I know when the Fulfillment center gets my products? How till they alert me? Is there a training video I need to see?