navigation – Are there alternatives to hamburger and drawer menus?

There is a lot of beating on the hamburger icon and the associated nav drawer on the Internet.

I realize that sometimes it can be a pattern that should be avoided if simpler, more explicit options are available.

However, I haven't seen any suitable alternatives to a large side navigation menu that wouldn't make a user like me uninstall the app.

I was wondering what alternatives there are to replace the navigation bar for native apps and websites.

The most common option I've seen is the tab bar, which works well with 3 or 4 elements. However, we still generally scroll vertically to read more lines and if you have more than 10 articles this is impractical.

  • Nav Drawer, 2 steps: Click the icon or swipe left to right to view it. After viewing, all available options should appear.

  • Tab bar, 2 steps: Swipe the bar hoping to find the item you're looking for. If you know what to look for at all, tap the item when you find it.

Another problem in the current app I'm working on is that there are views that actually contain tabs, up to 3 items here, mostly clicking through to the next view level.

Perhaps relevant: I don't create a simple website extension that is for communities that people actively participate in, and there is a lot of depth and detail. About 8 different modules and some custom content are available. Widgeting all of this in a single page / single view is almost impossible. This could be the reason why I am willing to live with the Nav Drawer as it is ultimately extremely complex.

I apologize that I find this negative, but I would like to see other options for each case. I agree that the simple navigation should fit in the main view.