Need advice please – large site hosting issue

Hello. We are a start up and we are selling one-off products. So we’re constantly adding and removing products. At present we have about 500 products and each one has multiple photos. As WordPress creates a ridiculous number of multiple sizes, we now have thousands images on our site. Checking the ftp folder, I can see up to 250 pictures per product even though we upload up 3 to 4 images per product.

We were hosting the site on Ionos unlimited web hosting but we filled up the space. Turns out that unlimited does not refer to the number of files. They told us to upgrade to their VPS XL package but didnt tell us that we would need to self manage it. This package allows 160GB and we were assured it would be ample. Well its only been a few days and its full. When this happens we can’t login to the backoffice or Plesk. Ionos think their Plesk backups are partly to blame. We angry that Ionos never mentioned we would need the skills to self manage to the VPS despite multiple discussions with various support staff. We will be cancelling this contract asap.

So we are looking around for better hosting. One problem is that my colleague who uploads the products doesn’t have time or the skills to edit every single image down to 72dpi. We use the Smush plugin to reduce the sizes but we are still left with thousands of big file images. We will be adding thousands of new products soon from a supplier so we really want ample space. We have also been unable to run any backup plugins because they all save a copy to the webspace and we don’t have the room. We want to be able to run regular backsup too.

Please can anyone recommend a cost-effective solution?