Need new GLIBC on Centos 6 to use PyTorch on GPUs

I am using a supercomputer facility which is running Centos 6. The node I want to use has 3 Tesla V100. The problem is that the version of GLIBC installed on that node is not compatible with the latest versions of PyTorch I must use.

I do not have root. Hence, I need a way to use another GLIBC from a user level. I can talk to the sysadmins and do stuff from root (like use Docker, or something like that) but I cannot reinstall OS or GLIBC globally. I have tried to install GLIBC by myself without root, but could not do it right; it did not work. It takes too much time, and cannot find a tutorial to do it right.

I have some ideas in mind, like trying to run a Container that can access the node and use other OS; when my scheduled computing time ends I can leave the node the same way I got it; for the next user on the supercomputer facility.

I was also thinking about chroot; Download an ISO of Centos 8 and chroot into it, but I do not know if it would use the GLIBC used by the Host OS, or Centos 8 GLIBC.

What do you recommend me to do? Do you think Docker would suit my needs? Or other containerization solution? Keep trying with installing other GLIBC?