Nessus Is Stuck In Initialization Mode For Close To Two Hours–Plugin Schema Out-Of-Date

I am installing Nessus on ArchLinux. Post-installation and activation, it is stuck on “initializing” compiling plugins for close to 2 hours now. Is this normal? Has anyone else faced this issue? How do I resolve it?

logs/nessusd.messages contains repititions of

WebServer service is running (pid=22)
Logfile /opt/nessus/var/nessus/logs/nessusd.messages initialized with size-based rotation
Priority set to 0
nessusd 8.13.1 (build 20257) started
System has 8 cores and 7842MB of RAM
Linux overcommit_memory policy is set to: 0
profiled 731420 vm ops / 10msec
Setting the thread pool size: 2-200
Setting Scanner:  engine.min=16 engine.max=64  global.max_scans=0  global.max_hosts=1368  engine.max_hosts=16  engine.optimal_hosts=2 (scan)max_hosts=100  (scan)max_checks=5
Setting the ps pool size: 0-100
Setting the WebServer thread pool size: 2-100
Plugin schema out of date: Attempting to rebuild plugins