network – How to display all DNS queries using Wireshark?

I want to display all DNS queries originating from my macOS 11.2.3 system.

The issue is that neither Wireshark with a filter of dns nor sudo tcpdump port 53 show all DNS queries, besides DNS TXT queries for OpenDNS (and a few others), e.g.:

enter image description here

In particular, DNS A/AAAA queries are not displayed even thus I’ve issued several DNS A/AAAA queries manually (e.g. dig and dig @

scutil --dns:

DNS configuration (for scoped queries)

resolver #1
  search domain(0) : home
  nameserver(0) :
  nameserver(1) :
  if_index : 6 (en0)
  flags    : Scoped, Request A records
  reach    : 0x00000002 (Reachable)

How can I display all DNS queries, including DNS A/AAAA queries?


I see that DNS A/AAAA queries are sent by applications to DNS resolver on localhost:53. So, the issue reduces to how do I display DNS queries made by the DNS resolver?