networking – Cannot access tethered device (Samsung)

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (SM-N985F/DS) -> phone 1

I connect a laptop and phone (phone 2 on, a Xiaomi) to the phone 1’s Android hotspot. On laptop and phone2, I can connect to the internet.

However, using termux, on the tethering phone1, I cannot ping the connected laptop or phone2. Both laptop and phone2 (termux) can ping each other.

This does not happen if phone2 is doing the tethering, using Termux, I can ping its connected devices.

The Samsung (phone 1) cannot also ping device IP connected via USB or bluetooth tethering, too.

Is Samsung limiting access to tethered device? This looks like a plainly laughable setting for me.

If yes, how to change this? (most preferably without root?)