networking – Could you guys help me ping [2607:fcd0:fa80:2a10:fc7e:b081:f933:7a0a]

I bought a VPS, they give me the IPv6 address ahead, and I can not rich it (no matter cmd/Putty/Filezilla). When I opened a ticket, they tell me it just works fine (they pinged it and works).

What id I do: LAMP and vsftpd all installed, ufw 20-25, 80, 443 open.
(already changed IP once).
Use VPN linked to different locations to ping the IP.

ping (2607:fcd0:fa80:2a10:fc7e:b081:f933:7a0a) 

The result shows 100% loss

So I need you guys to help me check it’s my problem or their’s.