networking – How to allow other devices to resolve android hostname from ip?

i have played around setting up hostname for the device, so i tried to modify net.hostname setting inside /system/build.prop file but even after device restart it gave me “android-f041ec3964ac12ad.DOMAIN” when tried php script gethostbyaddr() or even just windows promt command “ping -a IP”… so the change did not take affect… after a while i ended up contactng ZEBRA support which gave me stagenow barcode to change the hostname, but after this i lost the ability to resolve the device hostname at all… so “ping -a IP” dont show the hostname, as well as php scripts returns it as empty…
However, when i chech dhe DHCP i see the device is renamed inside the network, so it worked, but somehow i disabled otherr computers to resolve hostname by ip.

Any idea where this setting could be changed?

Device is Zebra MC3300, Android 8.1.0