networking – How to configure ubuntu traffic for other machine windows

Can you help me with the following problem I have.

I am carrying out a network project, I did it in what is GNS3 and I made two topologies, one on my computer and another on another partner but I have the following problem, they told us that we should put virtual machines in these topologies and assign them ips, I did and if it pings correctly, that is to say if there is communication in both topologies.

But each virtual machine that is in the topology one has a windows system (topology 1) and another ubuntu system (topology2), then in the one with ubuntu system I installed a server (apache) and I am trying to access the windows machine to see the page and it doesn’t let me see the apache default page, but if I ping this machine it does.

So I made another virtual machine with ubuntu system in the topology1 and installed what is also apache but when accessing in windows if it allows me then I do not know why in the other machine it does not access (topology 2) 🙁 as the traffic does not arrive but I do not know why, because in the windows system I installed a server and tried with the machine of topology2 and if I let myself access, but in topology 2 if I do this it does not allow me, the topologies are not because I exchanged the machines in topology and it happens the same.

I don’t know if I have to enable something in Ubuntu to allow traffic, because I tried another type of server (nodejs, go, nginx etc) and none of them works for me 🙁 they can guide me what I can do. Important fact is that if I put an html with Hello world and I use it on the server if it shows me on the other machine of the other topology, but if I already exceed 1kb in file size it no longer loads the page