networking – How to set Open DNS settings on router Tp-Link ARCHER MR600 with a 4G network?

I’m trying to use OpenDNS to make my network safer. I use a TP-Link ARCHER MR600 which is a 4G modem router (I have a Sim Card inside it, I’m not on Adsl).

I created my account on but when I try to add my network here I’m told that

“you cannot add a network in private IP space”

The IP Address I entered was under the section Internet in the Basic -> Network Map page (see image 1)–>

image 1 - IP Address in the Network Map

I also entered the following command in the command line, by following a thread (what is this for?):

nslookup -type=txt

and I got the following output (I override the possible sensitive info with a custom message between < > ):

    Server:  UnKnown
        primary name server =
        responsible mail addr =
        serial  = <a set of 10 number here>
        refresh = 16384 (4 hours 33 mins 4 secs)
        retry   = 2048 (34 mins 8 secs)
        expire  = 1048576 (12 days 3 hours 16 mins 16 secs)
        default TTL = 2560 (42 mins 40 secs)

Default Server:  UnKnown
Address:  <here there are 4 sequences of numbers separated by comma, like "">

I also tried to change the DNS manually, but I noticed that my router control panel is missing the WAN section under the NETWORK Page, therefore I entered the LAN settings and found Primary DNS and Secondary DNS there, see image 2:

image 2 - DNS in LAN settings

As I can edit them, I substituted the by entering some others indicated in the OpenDNS page, I saved and rebooted. But I still saw the old DNS server in the Network Map section (see image 1), so I reset to the factory settings.

I can’t figure out where I should go in order to set Open DNS:

  1. Should I change DNS manually from the router control panel? In this case, why do I see two different places with different DNS values and which one should I focused on? In any case, I can’t edit the DNS server in the Network Map (see image 1) and I miss the WAN section under “Network”.

  2. Should I change them from the OpenDNS web page? If yes, why I’m told that the IP is private? Did I add the wrong one or it’s a problem related to 4G modem routers or something else?

  3. What the nslookup -type=txt does and what does the output above mean?