networking – Ignore vEthernet adapter and use primary Ethernet instead

I have a 2016 Server, that has Hyper-V installed but not being used. This is a production server used 24/7.

The server is showing a vEthernet adapter and an Ethernet adapter. It appears that the server is using the vEthernet adapter and not the Ethernet adapter for normal use. Most of the connection items for the Ethernet adapter are unchecked. They are checked for the vEthernet.

The server has occasional connectivity problems, and the network icon in the notification area indicates there is no internet access. However, there is internet access.

I would like to use the regular Ethernet adapter instead of vEthernet. Is the correct procedure to check all the items on Ethernet that are currently checked on vEthernet. Then, uncheck those options on vEthernet?

I am considering removing Hyper-V from this server using Add/Remove Windows Features, but based on various warnings regarding removing Hyper-V, I am concerned it could cause side effects or stop the server from booting.

Ethernet adapter

vEthernet adapter