networking – Is there any way to stabilize my ping, even at a slower speed, to better play online FPS games?

First I’m not asking about a way to speed up my internet nor to lower the ping.

I simply want my ping to stay at a set number whatever that number is.

So here is the full story.

My internet is about 1.4 MB when it comes to downloading. This is plenty enough to play a game like Valorant, my current favorite.

However the biggest problem when I play the game that is goes up and down.

Let me stress that going up is as bad as going down.

See when it moves that means that my enemy with the stable ping is simply shooting while I’m shooting at the air.

I noticed this many times. I would be at 98 ping then get killed in those funny ways where they simply see you before you see them.
Why? My ping changed. So from 98 to 87 seems like a good thing. But it gets me killed as much as changing from 98 to 111.

Now what makes me ask the question about stabilizing the ping is that for a couple of games I was on fire.

Oddly enough my ping was stable at around 120 and I was doing really well.

However now it’s actually lower, around 85-100, but I’m losing too often because of how unstable it is.

I actually tried a couple of “solutions”

A program called Haste. Another called PingEnhancer.
I tried setting “limit reservable bandwidth an” to 0 and still I get ping fluctuations.

I also tried using Google DNS.

And I forgot to mention I’m playing the game on my PC with the internet being provided by the cable. So not WiFi .

I also shut down the entire WiFi functionality on my router before playing. So little chance of another device hogging the speed.

And lastly my ping at google has an average of 69. But that’s irrelevant as I won’t mind slowing it down.

Anyway So I though there must be a sort of program or script or setting or anything to simply force the entire game or my connection to work at a set speed and run everything at that speed.

I don’t want to have to access my absolutely worthless router page every time I launch an online game. So hopefully the solution is a program.

So for example if I can set the max speed at 1 MB I should not get ping spikes.

I’m asking for ping because it’s the main thing here not the speed part.

So I’m hoping for a program geared towards that but if it’s overall speed then what is the best solution?

And no VPN solution please. I can’t afford them. And I tried a free one my ping was 400.

So anyway to stabilize the ping, or overall speed, at a set number?