networking – No ethernet connection in dual boot with Windows 10 and Kubuntu

I am currently dual booting Kubuntu (20.04.1 LTS) and Windows 10 (should be up to date).

I only started doing this yesterday and at the beginning everything worked fine. However after switching to Windows to export some config files and then switching back to Kubuntu I had no Internet (at all) and no Sound (USB Headset). Both of these still work as of right now (typing this in Windows 10).

Im on a Ethernet connection with a Realtek controller (on my motherboard), Windows won’t say much more but this is the driver version: 10.37.1028.2019

My Headset is a Sound blaster XH6, also working fine on Windows but getting Ethernet working is my priority right now.

Here is the (probably incomplete list) of what I tried:

  • Shutting down Windows instead of restarting
  • Disabling “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” in Device Manager
  • Enabling/Disabling “Shutdown Wake-On-Lan” in Device Manager
  • Running ipconfig /release before exiting Windows
  • Setting up a new Ethernet connection in Kubuntu

I am out of ideas from myself and already looked at tons of questions, none having an answer that also helped me.

Please tell me if I need to provide more information.