networking – Problems accessing PoE cameras through NVR remotely

I purchased a Reolink NVR system which includes 4 cameras for a rental property far from home.
I have internet at the property which the system is hooked up to, and I’m able to access the camera stream when I’m at the property in the network 100% of the time.

The problem is when I want to view the cameras when outside of the network (my home, on the road, across the ocean). It doesn’t always work, maybe 1/20 times that I’ve tried.

I tried contacting customer support to help me set it up, but their assistance is a joke, and through email only.

I’m guessing the problem lies in a setting on the router.
According to this link, I don’t need to forward ports on the router since I have UID enabled, so long as the router allows connection via any UDP ports. I have a Netgear C3700 router. I don’t see any mention of UDP ports on its interface.

I also tried to port forward ports 80(HTTP), Media server (9000), and RTMP (1935) to the NVR (

Currently, the set up:

NVR: (static)

and 4 cameras: (hooked up to NVR) (hooked up to NVR) (hooked up to NVR) (hooked up to a secondary router, and that router to NVR)

Any ideas what I can do?