networking – QEMU virtual network (DOS, MS client 3.0)

Am trying to have two DOS instances communicate over a virtual network, under Linux. Everything runs locally, no networking hardware involved. The networking software is Microsoft Network Client 3.0 (IIRC).

  1. Server instance, starts with

    qemu-system-i386 -hda server.img -boot order=c -m 8 
      -device ne2k_isa,netdev=n1 -netdev socket,id=n1,listen=:1234

    and then runs in DOS:

    C:NETnet initialize
    C:NETnet start server /yes
    C:NETnet share
  2. Client instance, starts with

    qemu-system-i386 -hda client.img -boot order=c -serial /dev/tty0 
      -device ne2k_isa,netdev=n2 -netdev socket,id=n2,connect=:1234 -m 8

    and runs in DOS:

    C:NETnet initialize
    C:NETnet start workstation /yes

But there does not seem to be any communcation. When booting the server it says there is a shared directory (and everything works automatically). The client does not boot by itself, it asks for passwords and stuff (I just press enter several times), and when I say net use it replies that no shares are available.

Anybody see any obvious problems? Am I using the right protocols etc (e.g. socket + ipx)?

Why does net start workstation /yes not run silently?

Also, is there a better way to do this? I need DOS and network, under Linux, other than that I am not commited to anything.