networking – SSH connection refused on no-ip but allowed on local

Hello I am quite recent to the linux server enviroment and I’ve been trying to set an old laptop as a webserver with nginx

I followed this tutorial for securing my server:
tutorial for securing the ssh access

Then I proceeded to portforward my router to allow remote ssh and also opened up port 80 to test if I could connect the server as a subdomain to a domain I already own.
After that I enabled No-Ip on my router and set up a dynamic DNS for my IP, so that I could ssh from that dns from anywhere

However now I am facing the following problems:

  • I cannot ssh via my dynamic dns from No-ip but I can ssh via the local IP of the ‘server’
  • If I try to run $ ssh -p MYPORT user@no-ip-address, I get this in return:
    • ssh: connect to host no-ip-address port MYPORT: Connection refused.

I have checked if my no-ip dns has the port open in here and it tells me that the port I want to use to ssh into the server is open.

I also linked this server as a subdomain of a domain I already own with nginx and whilst the server is connected to that subdomain, if I try to telnet that subdomain it is linked to my routers public IP as expected but I also get the Connection refused error that I get when trying to ssh to the server.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I am using Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS